Gold Summer Stripe Travellers Pouch Purse

Gold Summer Stripe Travellers Pouch Purse


The smallest zip up bag in the Travellers' Companion range, this pouch purse is decided to keep all your valuables in one place; passport, currency, boarding pass, travel tickets and guide maps. Ideal for holidays, short breaks and daily use. The pocket sewn inside is measured to slide a passport in perfectly.

The 10" open- ended zip and soft construction allows you to completely open out the top of the pouch, so you can rummage to find your essentials swiftly.

All of our accessories across all ranges are made with our signature waterproof durable lining. For the exterior of this particular item, we have used tightly woven cotton for durability. It is traditionally known as ticking and has the classic striped design.

Dimensions: 11x0.2x8 inches

We have this product available in other fabrics.

All of our products are made in the U.K, our accessories, in particular,

are made in Peckham.

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