Sarah Capel

Sarah Capel launched her label Sarah Capel Printing in autumn 2015, after studying print for several years. Her exploration of printing techniques and her continuous research into printing mediums has enabled her to become, not only highly skilled at her now main choice of medium; printmaking, but it has also qualified her to be competent and experimental across print. This is absolutely noticeable in her design abilities and imagination for abstraction.  

Sarah's work is a selection of homewares and accessories; lampshades, cushion covers, tea towels, make up bags and seasonal greetings cards. Her pieces are consistently bold in colour and shape. Sarah talks of her work as being playful and clean. It is quite simply lovely!


By choosing soft natural linens from carefully selected fabric retailers, Sarah is able to ensure her products retain a consistently high quality and are particularly soft on the skin as well as hard wearing. The ink that she has chosen to use both on her cards and fabric products are 100% solvent free and environmentally friendly. 

Sarah stocks her products in Threads and has been a popular local artist for our customers. Her work stands out and makes a statement, each piece is entirely unique so you know you have something completely special to you; which is quite difficult in this modern, remade world. She talks of this as being one of the main reasons that she enjoys working with small shops such as Threads; we provide a platform for her to present a small selection of work that has been handpicked for an appreciative audience.


For more of Sarah's work and to see more of her gallery check out her website Www.Sarahcapelprinting.Co.Uk


Jemima Norton