Jessica Meek

After graduating with her Masters in mixed media textiles, Jessica Meek has been designing and creating work for fashion houses such as Vera Wang, milliners such as Noel Stewart, set designers such as Darling and Edge, Visual Merchandising such as Sarah Feather Design and Festival installations for An-Architecture.

Jessica has also been working with private clients restoring furniture and reviving classic pieces. Such as she has been doing for Threads where you can find furniture that Jessica has upholstered with new sleek and old vintage fabrics to give them a new lease of life. Jessica has recently worked on mid century furniture sets of dining chairs and used tweed linens to cover what would have been unwanted seats. Her finished articles were desirable for any mid century modern home. Clients have given many pleased and thankful testimonials for the work she has done. 


Of late, Jessica has used her creativity to produce a wider range of products. She has used her fabrics to create unique make up bags, SE15 memorabilia and cushion covers. Using origami she has created seasonal home decorations.  And her jewellery, matching the colour palette of her make up bags, is carefully matched with fine gold and silver chains; showing that her ability to blend design with colour and materials is of a very high standard.

You can see more of Jessica's work on her website:

Now stocked at Threads Vintage Peckham.

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