Red Cord 1960s Dress

Red Cord 1960s Dress


One of our new additions for this summer collection, now available in a sturdy red corduroy. We will continue to create this classic in fabrics according to the seasons. 

An original 1960s A-line dress design with halter-neck style shoulders and a matching collar. 

This item is made to order, please select the appropriate size. If you have any special requirements, such as a shorter length, then please email us the particulars.

Available in sizes 8 - 16 

Size 8: Bust: 32" Length: 33" Hem Width: 50" 

Size 10: Bust: 34" Length: 33 1/4" Hem Width: 52" 

Size 12: Bust: 36" Length: 33 1/2" Hem Width: 54" 

Size 14: Bust: 38" Length: 33 3/4" Hem Width: 56" 

Size 16: Bust: 40" Length: 34" Hem Width: 58"

Made with cotton voile.

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